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Welcome to MuslimBusinessUSA.com

Your online Muslim Business Directory

MuslimBusinessUSA.com is dedicated to using state-of-the-art technology to assist Muslim businesses reach a wider market for their products and services. There are thousands of Muslim businesses serving the needs of the increasing number of Muslims all over the country.

MuslimBusinessUSA.com serves as your updated, online Islamic business directory to enable you to find the business resources you need. These businesses provide everything from halal food to Islamic clothing, from real estate services to web hosting and design. 

MuslimBusinessUSA.com is the fastest growing Islamic business directory in the country. Our staff works tirelessly to keep the information as up-to-date and as accurate as possible, and to ensure that MuslimBusinessUSA.com is the easiest location on the web where Muslims can look up Muslim businesses anywhere in the United States.

Our Services | For Consumers | For Business Owners

Our Services

Use our Muslim Business Directory to find Muslim business owners offering products and services to any Muslim community in the United States. If you want a particular product or service, look it up in the comprehensive listing of product and service categories. Anything you may need – from all types and styles of Islamic clothing, to a halal meat store, halal restaurant or Middle Eastern grocery in any city in the country – your best chance of finding it is in our Muslim Business Directory.

Register your Muslim business in our MuslimBusinessUSA.com to join the wide network of Muslim business owners serving the needs of the Muslim community. Make your business a part of our Muslim business directory, to enable more consumers to find you quickly. back to top

For Consumers

MuslimBusinessUSA.com offers consumers many ways to benefit from using the Muslim business directory, all free of charge, no log in, no personal information needed.

Wherever you are, whether you are a resident of a city/town, or you are planning to relocate, or you are traveling to other places in the country, you can find a Muslim attorney or a Muslim doctor when you need one. You can locate the nearest Islamic mosque for religious services or find a Muslim school for your children. If you want to buy things from a Middle Eastern grocery store or you want to talk to an agency about plans to join the Hajj and Umrah, you can do all of these things very easily: you can find them all through the Muslim business directory in the MuslimBusinessUSA.com website.

MuslimBusinessUSA.com has taken pains to compile for you the most complete listing of Muslim lawyers and other professionals and Muslim business owners offering various products and services to serve the needs of the Muslim community. When you need to look up any type of business information, MuslimBusinessUSA.com is your most trustworthy and reliable source.

MuslimBusinessUSA.com offers a range of search options, to enable you to search for Muslim businesses by product or service category, state, ZIP code or area code to help you locate what you need, quickly and easily.

To help us serve you better, please send your comments, suggestions and/or corrections to contactus@MuslimBusinessUSA.com and be sure to tell the Muslim business owner that you found his business at MuslimBusinessUSA.com and its Muslim business directory. back to top

For Business Owners

MuslimBusinessUSA.com will provide you an easy, affordable way to draw clients to your business. Here at MuslimbusinessUSA.com your Muslim business can establish a sustainable presence on the Internet. We provide diverse advertising solutions for Muslim businesses, to fit all sizes and budgets.

For Muslim businesses that already have a website, you can register and have your website listed in our Muslim business directory for a modest $20 annual fee. This fee goes towards maintaining and updating the Muslim business directory, so we can provide the Muslim community with the latest information on Muslim businesses in the USA, to benefit both the Muslim community and Muslim businesses.

You can market your website on our Muslim business directory. The product and service categories in our constantly updated Muslim business directory are designed to give better visibility to the listed businesses. Therefore, when people look for Muslim businesses in your category, they are likely to come across your website – and your chances of making a sale are higher.

For Muslim business owners without websites, our partner design firm, Aladeen Design and Marketing Inc., will design the website that fits your business needs. Choose from a colorful One-Page Web Site to a powerful customized Website. You can get your one-page web site for only $99 – a huge discount from its true value of $199. Visit our partner firm’s website at www.aladeendesign.com for more details and samples.

Together with Aladeen Design, our trained designers can produce appealing and professional-looking websites for your business, at competitive prices to suit your budget. back to top

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