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As you turn your house into your new home, let Alex show you how faux finish and custom decorative painting will help you to achieve the personalized, elegant look you've always wanted in order to make your faux finished home truly yours and a reflection of your taste and style. Also you can order Alex's Do-It-Yourself Faux Finish Video where you can learn how to mix your own glaze and apply color washing, rag rolling and more. See details below about the faux video.

We welcome the opportunity to work directly with you on your faux finish project or in conjunction with your interior designer. An initial, on-site faux finish consultation can be arranged by simply calling the office (954) 564-0205 or e-mail to

Our faux finishing projects are started and completed on time. Call the Faux Finisher, Alex today to schedule your consolation and see our portfolio. We look forward to hearing from you.

Faux Finishing Instructional Video

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60 Minute Faux
Finish Video
ONLY $19.99

Easily master 8 different techniques in faux finishing to achieve the personalized elegant look you've always wanted!

You will learn how to choose the right tools and materials for each faux technique, or surface preparation. You will also learn how to mix your own colors by using the right proportion of glaze and paint, in order to faux your walls beautifully and totally reflective of your taste and style.

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Faux Finish Color Washing
Faux Finish Artist

About the Faux
Finish Artist

ABDUL NASSER lives with his wife in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Abdul has completed many successful faux finishing and textured projects in Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties.

Some of his recent work includes Ft. Lauderdale's l'Hermitage, Boca West, Broken Sound, Bonaventure, Weston, Willliams Island, Points of Turnberry, Oceania, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, and Coco Plum.

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